About PAN | Mission, Vision & History

Progressive African Network (PAN) helps develop entrepreneurs locally & globally


Progressive African Network (PAN)'s vision is to be a high impact global network

To create a bridge to Africa for entrepreneurs through co-working spaces, business incubation hubs where aspiring and establish entrepreneurs, small businesses, students- entrepreneurs from the African Diaspora locally can come together contribute to the Massachusetts creative economy through receiving coaching, mentorship, to learn and to teach and build wealth for their families and communities. In addition, it is entrepreneurship space with opportunities for social engagement, inclusion and diversity.


PAN is committed to being a hub for growth, scaling, and networking

To create a global entrepreneur support community by improving access to business development resources for African entrepreneurs, start-ups, and small businesses locally and globally through an inter-connected network that provides social and economic capital.

PAN's History

Progressive African Network of Boston(PAN) was founded in Boston, Massachusetts. PAN Co-founder's Hashim Siraji and Leonard Tshitenge work in different fields professionally but the common goal of creating a strong network for Africans in the Diaspora here in Boston and abroad lead them to create PAN.

As four (4) bright young and talented African leaders in the Greater Boston area seeking allies and a strong network to build with and strategize, both Africans and friends of Africans, they recruited Jorge Manguane (Mozambique) and created their Monthly Social Networking platform "Harambee" as a way to connect to their audience.

Just in 2016 alone, PAN has met with U.S. Officials in the State Department, spoken at Annual Speaking Panels & Conferences, partnered with the African Festival of Boston as Co-Sponsors, spoken at Universities, and provided resources for members to get discounts at Conferences at MIT. On June 2017, PAN held the 1st ever and 1st Annual African Entrepreneurship Expo at Hult International Business School - inviting international speakers from Africa to speak live via Skype and the key note speaker was Mr. Nam Pham, Assistant Secretary for International Trade & Business Development for the State of Massachusetts, a state official from Governor Charlie Baker's administration.

PAN is committed to being an innovative resource to all African entrepreneurs globally