About PAN | Mission, Vision & History

Progressive African Network (PAN) is a social & professional non-profit organization for Africans in the Diaspora whose mission is to help start conversations on community & civic engagement, help develop entrepreneurship & spread cultural vitality in the city through arts and cultural awareness initiatives.


Progressive African Network (PAN)'s vision is to connect the global African Diaspora

PAN was created for Africans in the Diaspora to connect & engage both their local communities as well as with other Africans in the Diaspora throughout the world. PAN is focused n creating a cohesive relationships with the business community, community based organizations, civic groups, governmental Institutions, and universities/schools to create an inclusive society for Africans in the Diaspora.


PAN is committed to being an innovative resource to all Africans across the diaspora.

  • Civic & Community Engagement.
  • Developing Entrepreneurship
  • Professional Development
  • Cultural Vitality & Awareness

PAN's History

Progressive African Network of Boston(PAN) was founded by four (4) young African professionals in Massachusetts who have a great passion to promote positive & influential contributions by the African Diaspora. As advocates for all Africans in the Diaspora globally, PAN was established in the year 2016. PAN's Co-founder's Hashim Siraji (Somalia), Corinna Hilton van Ee (Liberia & Guinea), Leonard Tshitenge (Democratic Republic of Congo), and Askia Hanson (Ghana) work in different fields professionally but the common goal of creating a strong network for Africans in the Diaspora here in Boston and abroad lead them to create PAN.

As four (4) bright young and talented African leaders in the Greater Boston area seeking allies and a strong network to build with and strategize, both Africans and friends of Africans, they recruited Jorge Manguane (Mozambique) and created their Monthly Social Networking platform "Harambee" as a way to connect to their audience.

Just in 2016 alone, PAN's team has met with U.S. Officials in the State Department, spoken at Annual Speaking Panels & Conferences, partnered with the African Festival of Boston as Co-Sponsors, spoken at Universities, and provided resources for members to get discounts at Conferences at MIT.

PAN is committed to being an innovative resource to all Africans across the diaspora.