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April 20, 2018
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Thank you very much to all of those that attended our Harambee PopUp hosted by PAN Co-Founder Leonard Tshitenge, which also served as the launch event of his start-up company Consciously Exposed ( The Fairmount Innovation Lab ( based in Boston (Dorchester, MA, USA) co-sponsored the event along with the  Progressive African Network. It was a free event to the public held on Thursday April 19th.

Amazing panel speakers entrepreneurs in Tech, Blockchain/Crypto Currency, Start-up in Africa, Finance, Fashion, and Economic Development along with distinguished staff from Governor Charlie Baker’s Office of International Trade & Business Development.

Comedian Hannibal Buress snuck in to the event and mingled in with the crowd, though he did not reveal himself as a celebrity 🙂 

Read below the agenda, and the 


               HARAMBEE POP UP:



Incredible Panel Discussions. Showcase of African Starts up.  Appetizers.  Resources. 


    • 5:30 pm: Networking. African Appetizers. Meet + Greet African Start ups


  • 6:30 pm: Open Ceremony by Fairmount Innovation Lab + Consciously Exposed


  • 6:45 pm: Progressive African Network Presentation by PAN Co-Founder Hashim Siraji
  • 7:00 pm:  Discussions with Massachusetts Assistants of Business Development, international trade, leaders & Highly Talented African diaspora Innovators
  • 7:45 pm:  Q&A
  • 8:00 pm : Live Consultancy with experts about Business/ Investment Opportunity in Africa & African Diaspora Engagement
  • 8:30 pm: Resources & Personal Call To Action
  • 9:00 pm-  Wrapping up 

Speakers & Start ups Info:

Nam Pham – Governor Baker’s Assistant Secretary of Business Development & International Trade. Nam recently joined the Baker/Polito Administration as the Assistant Secretary of Business Development which oversees the Mass. Office of Business Development, Mass. Office of Travel and Tourism, Mass. Film Office and Mass. Office of International Trade & Investment.  Previously Nam was the CEO of Vietnamese American Initiative for Development (VietAID).

John R. Monteiro – Experts in doing business across Africa .  In addtion, After obtaining a BS in Civil Engineering from Tufts University, John Monteiro became a highly successful manufacturing engineer for Texas Instruments, Inc. He was responsible for conceiving, developing, and managing cost reduction programs resulting in millions of dollars of production cost savings. This success was derived from the principle of “Management by Objectives”. After four successful years in manufacturing, he started ASEC Corporation, a full-service engineering, land surveying, and construction management business that operated continuously for 30 years throughout New England 

Chris Jackson – President & Founder of SATSA the Sub-Saharan Africa Transnational Strategic Alliance! Your organization is an important resource for non-government organizations, small-to-medium enterprises and multi-national corporations in the United States that are interested in pursuing bilateral trade, infrastructure and economic development opportunities in Sub-Saharan Africa (SSA).Through its experience and expertise, SATSA matches business needs that have been identified by African governments with U.S. companies capable of meeting those needs.

Curtis M. Jones, VP of Global Development /COO. Curtis is a Managing Director and VP of Global Development for Global Green Link Energy and Global Green Link Energy Africa Limited.  He is responsible for partnership and government relationships, domestic and international. Curtis is a talented and highly accomplished operations executive who has demonstrated the ability to lead diverse teams of professionals to new levels of success in a variety of highly competitive industries, cutting edge markets, and fast-paced environments. He brings outstanding technical and business qualifications to GGLE, and an impressive track record of more than 35 years of hands-on experience in business development, housing, community and economic development, renewable energy and project implementation management.Curtis holds a BS in Criminal Justice, and a Master of Education. He is a WK Kellogg Fellow, and a Salzburg Global Fellow. He is an expert in emergency disaster recovery and is certified in solar energy installation. He has expert knowledge in WTE management and operations; along with working with foreign governments and trade experts.Prior to founding Global Green Link Energy and GGLE Africa, Curtis was the President and CEO of Copley Global Services a US based VAR of medical, health and environmental technology.  Over his career, he has launched several companies and successful private business ventures.  His passion for Africa and the people of Kenya, is evidenced by his current work in Africa and his commitment  to find a solution to end the suffering of thousands of Kenyans who live and squeeze out a living from the dump called Dandora. His company GGLEA is one of a limited number of energy companies in Kenya and Africa. 

Hashim Siraji – Originally from Somalia, He is one of the  Co-Founder of Progressive African Network. Hashim is currently a technology entrepreneur, Co-Founder of a tech start-up based in Cambridge, MA. He is a long time Tech entrepreneur through his web development agency and a community organizer over the past 10 years working with youth primarily from Somalia in Boston’s Roxbury neighborhood. When he was 20, he co-founded Somali Alliance Against Tribalism, a youth organization for young adults to connect and make social change through sports and social awareness campaigns. The organization later evolved into United Somali Youth which he was also co-founder & President of United Somali Youth.  He is currently working for PAN to jump start entrepreneurs & start-ups in Africa and Emerging Markets to create pathways for social and economical mobility for aspiring individuals from least developed countries through entrepreneurship. Hashim’s mission is to provide a space for growth and development,  startup innovation and entrepreneurship to aspiring individuals as well along with training & support will create a capable and sustainable workforce of the future and more jobs for others.

Zaina Gonzalez, Founder of Zjajah Creation â€“ Foot wear, Head Wrap, Crochet apparel, Fashion Accessories, Custom designs, Men’s Collection:

Hassan Hafiz Bakarr-Kanu Sr. – Hassan is the Co-Founder and CEO of Appsfrica, LLC., a Start Up Mobile App technology company for Africans by African that designs, develop & create Mobile Apps and Websites. Appsfrica Frica made history by launching Africa ‘s #1 Music Platform and App- known as Audiofrica. As they get ready to celebrate their 1 year anniversary July 29th for audiofrica, they will also be launching new App which is known as Ridefrica Technologies Inc. Which is a peer-to-peer ridesharing, food delivery, and transportation network that will headquared here in Massachusetts and looking to operate in cities and countries worldwide as we also focus in Africa. Ridefrica & Drivefrica are created for the African market and community. Their aim to provide safe rides to the community member and customer’s while also providing safe and reliable jobs to our community and driver’s.

Maarouf Barry, Co-Founder @ Eleis Farm  – Maarouf is a student, social entrepreneur, and design enthusiast. Lives in six countries & three continents . A powerhouse of his generation, incredible Social Entrepreneur by way of GuinĂ©e (Africa) who uses his entrepreneurial and leadership skills to advance building economic capital and women empowerment on the northeast coast of Guinea.

Toju Ometoruwa, Director of Marketing @ OWO Economy – Toju is also co-founder of Pazima (Powered by OWO). OWO  is a Crypto-Economy Platform designed to harness the economy, democratic activity, and currency of a global diasporic community by using Cryptography and Block Chain technologies. Its key objective is to remove the limitations of borders, high costs of financial transactions, sub optimal contracts, and collaborative investing among a diasporic group. With blockchain as its foundation, OWO enables a variety of applications for Peer2Peer Payments, Real Estate, Crowd Funding, Investments, Remittances, Foreign Exchange, Insurance and a host of others. OWO Coins can be spent, earned and exchanged like any other currency such as the US Dollar, Euros, Ethers and BitCoins

Tinu Bello, Author –  An Innovator and  science graduate who explores her love for the arts by moonlighting as a poet.  “Wirling in the Flames”  is a collection of poetry and prose about individuals living through the human experiences of love, discomfort and tragedy. The collection takes an unapologetic look at the reality that the human condition is nothing if not an emotional journey, and explores the power of love, and what it does to those who stumble into its grip. The pieces in this literary debut are choreographed to share the profundity of everyone’s dance through the fire that life invariably puts in our paths, and to remind us all that we are more fireproof than we think. Currently available in Kindle and paperback versions on Amazon (, and in paperback on Barnes & Noble (

 Harambee (Pulling Together)

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